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With the Clone Profiles module under the tab Bubble it is possible to roll out a configuration to all selected people at the same time. This gives you as much configuration time for 1 user as for 1,...

Note: please note that this feature does not apply to all CRM connectors, due to API limitations of specific CRM/ERP applications.

Default search notations

The following number notations will be searched by default. (example: 0612345678).

Notation Type Example
{original number} 061234568
{E164 notation} +31612345678
{national} 612345678
{national with space} 06 12345678
{national compact} 612345678
{international} 31612345678
{international with spaces} +31 6 12345678
{international compact} 31612345678
{common dutch notation} 06-12345678
{full digit notation}0031612345678

Custom search notations

Sometimes phone numbers are saved in the CRM/ERP system in an unusual format and it is not feasible to reformat all numbers via a script or database operation. In that case it is possible to add custom search notations.

Go to Settings -> CRM -> Enabled custom search notations.


Then the 'Custom Search Notations' box will appear where you can add a search notation on each line.

You can add all kind of whitespace and custom characters. The following characters will be replaced:

+@ will be replaced with the country code of the number prefixed with a +-sign, e.g. +31
@ will be replaced with the country code of the number without a prefix, e.g. +31
# will be replaced with the following digit of the number
When the number is longer than the number of provided #, than the rest of the digits will be appended at the end of the format.

You can switch between edit mode/preview mode to check if your formats provide the desired results.


If you get the following error message "Could not lock Bubble profile directory. Another application is locking the user folder", then there is probably a misconfiguration in your Bubble config file.T...
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